Is the environment important to us? You bet it is, both professionally and personally.  We know that sound environmental practices are an essential part of our business and a key aspect of our No Harm principle. We are also a company of outdoor enthusiasts who value and take pride in our incredible, natural surroundings.

We understand that the work that we do will bring change to local environments and communities, and that this change can be either positive or negative.  We will meet or exceed existing environmental standards to ensure that we do no harm to the environment, or the reputation that we have worked so hard to achieve. Following the rules is only part of the equation. By looking for ways to streamline the production process, we can find opportunities to reduce carbon consumption and decrease our environmental footprint. 

We all know that product supply is not always conveniently located, and we believe that the proximity of CIL client processing facilities provides an excellent opportunity for environmental and financial success. The CIL location has a natural advantage in regards to its geographic location. By being close to major highways, rail and seaport the carbon footprint is minimal.


Craigmont Industries is the preferred source for your North American magnetite needs.


Craigmont Industries has made an industry leading commitment to develop a proprietary production process that delivers a premium product.

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Magnetite is our only business!